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a full range of 3D scanning and retro-engineering services for the industry.

SCADE is the product of three skills:


The digitization in 3 dimensions


computer-aided design


These 3 components ensure complete control in the cycle of industrial plant evolutions to bring you an intelligent 3D view angle on your industrial facilities.

Our design office offers customized and scalable services for 3D scanning, 3D reading, virtualization and creation of digital twins, digitization and 3D modeling, BIM model creation, 3D geometric control and inspection.


SCADE is composed of a team of engineers and techniciansmen and women, all committed to make accessible the fruit of their collaboration in a highly specialized technological field.

You can’t imagine how much SCADE can do to help you simplify the management of your projects, to build, operate, maintain and secure your facilities, or support you on a daily basis.

SCADE supports you in the use of advanced 3D technologies that will help you meet your challenges.

Discover the different facets of our identity and do not hesitate to come to us to better understand the possibilities available to you.

France and worldwide


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